Silver Lining & Jackson's Lane: Throwback (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Silver Lining & Jackson's Lane: Throwback

Heart-warming circus in a celebration of nostalgia

Can there be a guiltier pleasure than sitting in the circus at half past four on a weekday afternoon watching acrobats tumble about to a soundtrack of the most pungently cheesy 80s and 90s hits? You're going to know even before this show begins whether it's up your street or not, because they are playing the Backstreet Boys when you walk in, and it's not an anomaly that has slipped through into the playlist.

Their taste in music may be worse than your local gym's but there's something fantastically heart-warming about this energetic and youthful troupe – six-strong, happily baring their souls with personal anecdotes as they take us into each act. Nostalgia is the name of the game here, both sweet and bitter. Niamh O'Reilly tells us about her favourite day before launching into a singing hand-balance with fantastic breath control. Craig Dagostino shares his break-up story and heals himself on the Chinese pole.

The skills are tight, but the acts are mostly gentle rather than thrilling, with the exception of LJ Kalyn Marles whose wild-child style on the straps is worth the ticket price alone. That and their monumental take on the classic Dirty Dancing lift.

Underbelly's Circus Hub, until 22 Aug, 4.30pm, £15–£16 (£14–£15).


  • 3 stars

With awe-inspiring aerial and acrobatic work, one of the UK’s most exciting young troupes teams up with West End director Paulette Randall and director Simon Pollard to tell emotional stories.