Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert in Eggy Bagel (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Spencer Jones Presents The Herbert in Eggy Bagel

A charming, loveable but all too-brief appointment with a self-proclaimed dickhead

Only those with the stoniest of hearts could fail to fall for The Herbert. With his sunken eyes, gormless grin and awful haircut, Spencer Jones' blindingly colourful character bemoans in a repetitive rave number that he's 'a dickhead'. No one of that ilk would then create a tune which politely asks that we 'behave in my cave' but the gentle Herbert has everyone on his side as he goes about his blundering business.

As loveable a character as he is, our Eggy Bagel man often comes second to the array of props he's assembled, from the exaggerated shoulder pads he shuffles around beneath to the innovative drumsticks, toilet brushes and marginally creepy family portrait.

Perhaps the late start and early finish are partly responsible, but there's a palpable sense in the room that we would have liked more. Generally at the Fringe, people are often glad to get out of some venues on time and in one piece; the concept of feeling unfulfilled is something of a rarity. At one point, Jones / Herbert shrugs his shoulders and announces, 'it's stupid, innit?' Unutterably daft it may be, but refreshing and charming are far more accurate adjectives.

Heroes at the Hive, until 28 Aug (not 15), 8.50pm, £6 or Pay What You Want.

Spencer Jones: The Herbert in Eggy Bagel

A mélange of visual, prop, clown and homemade musical comedy from Spencer Jones.