Amelia Ryan: Lady Liberty (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Amelia Ryan: Lady Liberty

Aussie performer riffs through the seven stages of liberation

Adelaide's Amelia Ryan has already turned the heads of UK audiences with her previous show, Storm in a D Cup, which won Ryan numerous awards and there seem to be fans of that show in the audience tonight.

Ryan is wheeled in on a metal goods carrier. It sets the tone for a constantly surprising evening that's coloured by Ryan's never-diminishing energy levels. It tells the story of the Lady Liberty within us all. For Ryan, her Lady Liberty moment was moving from Adelaide to New York in search of not giving a fuck.

Riffing through the seven stages of liberation (which include Jägerbombs and juice cleanses in equal measure) and with a keyboard backing live songs, Ryan conveys her self-empowerment message in a way that is formulaic but fun. She invites the audience to play 'Never Have I Ever', and re-writes the music of famous bands (Queen, the Beach Boys), getting men and woman to sing along to outrageous songs like 'My vagina is eight miles wide, absolutely anyone can come inside'.

Quite surprisingly, the last 20 minutes changes pace as Ryan offloads some points which feel truly and specifically pertinent. Perfection, she says, doesn't exist – though the pursuit of it can be liberating. Beyond the impressive pomp and show, Ryan's point – that being liberated is something we all are not, and that we should all strive to be – is remarkably potent.

Assembly George Square Theatre, until 28 Aug (not 22), 9.40pm £10–£12.

Amelia Ryan: Lady Liberty

  • 4 stars

Cabaret and comedy from Australian comedian.