Simon Munnery: Standing Still (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Simon Munnery: Standing Still

Great gags are afoot in this anniversary bash

For 30 years now, Simon Munnery has been bamboozling us on the Fringe. Few comics could get away with arriving on stage in a suit made of cider cans and accidentally (maybe on purpose) knocking over the drinks on a front-row table. There is plenty love in the room for this veteran Dadaist and it appears to be mutual: he loathes capitalism but is grateful for your custom.

As this is an anniversary show of sorts, he dips occasionally into his back catalogue, pulling out an Alan Parker: Urban Warrior spoof of a Billy Bragg number he's just performed straight as himself. Buckethead also makes a brief cameo but mostly it's Munnery proving that when the mood takes him, he can be one of the finest gag-writers in the business (his line about his three daughters' names and the real reason why his dog Leo isn't on Facebook are corkers).

Not sure that his improv riffing on an audience remark about a handbag showed his talents off in the best light while his imagining of a couple discussing skiing does drift on a mite longer than sense should have allowed. But when it comes to logic, Simon Munnery will always refuse to play that game. And the comedy world is better for it.

The Stand, until 29 Aug (not 15), 4pm, £12 (£10).