Blush (4 stars)

This article is from 2016


Skilful new writing exploring the effects of revenge porn

Scripted as a series of first person monologues, Blush addresses the contemporary topic of revenge porn. The two-strong cast play a wide range of characters: including the older sister of an 18-year-old whose naked images were shared online, a father addicted to porn and, providing excellent comic relief, a young woman sexting in the supermarket. Each character is distinct, the females more so than the men, and the actors are adept at switching between the roles.

Blush is simply staged with a circular red carpet denoting the performance space. Bright lights enhance the feeling of being exposed, with the potential break in momentum of exiting and entering the stage avoided by simply stepping out of the circle. The pair bring energy and emotional charge to a script whose poetic imagery is reminiscent of spoken word performance.

While the play highlights that revenge porn can happen to both sexes, it also draws attention to the fact that the audience for these sites is predominantly male. There are no naked images shown as part of the performance and the performers don't remove any of their clothing. They succeed in creating a thought-provoking drama exploring the complex issues surrounding shared nudity without ever having to resort to explicitly showing it.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 28 Aug (not 16), 6pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10).


  • 4 stars

Snuff Box Theatre in association with Underbelly Untapped ‘She just needs to understand that it's not her fault, that she's not to blame, that she's not a slut.' Three women and two men swim in shame. Everyone's exposed. Everyone wants revenge. No one's talking about it. Five candid stories about revenge porn and all its…