Dive and Summerhall Present . . . C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

This article is from 2016

Dive and Summerhall Present . . . C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

Cabaret night returns with an LGBT heroes vibe

'We're here, we're queer, we're doing it all year,' says Miss Annabel Sings, host of C U Next Tuesday, back for a second year to blow some more glitter up the arse of the cabaret scene.

'We want to show what's going on in this wonderful country we're living in. We're celebrating the leadership that Scotland has. We're really progressive when it comes to queer rights and queer progression and we understand that isn't the case for a lot of the rest of the world.'

The theme of this year's cabaret shows is 'Queer Heroes' – all performers have been briefed to include some sort of homage in their sets, whether that's heroes from the past ('we've got Dusty Springfield, Divine, Bowie and Prince') or present – performers including punk gender experimentalist Christeene are included in the lineup for their next two shows, 'and they're contemporary heroes,' Miss Annabel adds.

Taking a more political bent, this year's C U Next Tuesday will also have a 'rainbow soapbox', their take on the traditional soapbox spot. 'We're inviting people to come and give us a polemic or a political rant,' says co-creator Annabel Cooper. 'It's a mouthpiece for everyday heroes to say their thing in a safe space. That's what we're all about: creating a place for queer folks to be able to express themselves.'

The nights are raising funds for LGBT Health and Wellbeing and LGBT Unity, who do important support work with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who identify as LGBT+. 'We have to recognise how privileged we are to be where we are – it's not like that everywhere,' Miss Annabel Sings acknowledges. And although it's been a dark year for the LGBT+ community, the nights are promoting positivity. 'Keep your politics vibrant. We're trying to remind people that it's a wonderful world as well'.

Summerhall, 16, 23 Aug, 8pm, £10 (£8).

Dive and Summerhall Present… C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

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