Head in the Clouds (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Head in the Clouds

A tiny sheep dog has a mighty task in this hands-on early-years tale

Cirrus the dog has a serious job to do in Ipdip's clever early-years show, minding the sheep of his flock. An easy job, given that there are only three of them. Easy, that is, until Yan, Tan and Tethera decide to float away to play among the clouds.

Euan Cuthbertson and Sophie Rose McCabe tell Cirrus' story with a lilting poetic script, perfectly suited to their gently rolling Cumbrian accents. Their audience of babies - and parents - sit right up to the edge of the grass mat of the performance space, so they can come round, introducing the four inch-high Cirrus to his newly adoring public, giving him the most natural of mannerisms as he sniffs and lopes among them.

It is a touch which is only surpassed by the way the escaped sheep magically float - tethered like a baby's take on a Pink Floyd album cover. All the while, Cuthbertson and McCabe hand round toys that illustrate the sheep's day - the wind, sounds and smells which regale them.

And after the story is over, everyone can crawl out onto the mat to play with the props again - and learn how to carry on telling the story long after the play is finished. Clever, accomplished and engaging.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, John Hope Gateway, until 28 Aug (not 17, 24), 11am, 1.30pm & 3pm, £5.

Head in the Clouds

  • 4 stars

A show from Ipdip Theatre all about the world of the sky and the floating sheep that live there. Ages 0–3.