Horace: We Are Family (2 stars)

This article is from 2016

Horace: We Are Family

Sibling sketch duo with technical hitches and script problems

Things go wrong all the time at the Fringe but even the most serious technical hitch can usually be overcome by a resourceful performer. As we're ushered into We Are Family by its stars (siblings Jack and Anna Harris), we're warned that their projector has broken down. It's an important prop, we're told, but they promise to struggle on regardless. The Dunkirk spirit is invoked and expectations are slightly lowered.

This likeable pair have created a ramshackle sketch show loosely based around a family wedding. From here, various characters flit around, including a Morrissey impersonator, a wedding calligrapher and an inappropriate children's entertainer. It's a weak excuse to gather a variety of oddballs and no one sticks out since, excepting their gender, there's almost nothing to differentiate one person from another.

Throughout, the audience is unmoved. Occasionally, a sickly chuckle will puncture the air, mainly when the performers make reference to the blank projector screen behind them. Pity over their technical failure raises their only substantial laughs, and when two audience members are dragged on stage for an excruciating (and wholly unnecessary) finale, the look of horror on their faces is impossible to forget. Perhaps it is all the projector's fault and Horace should be given the benefit of the doubt. The second star here is that benefit.

Cowgatehead, until 27 Aug (not 16), 7pm, free.

Horace: We Are Family

  • 2 stars

Fresh from their Brighton Fringe Audience Choice Award nomination, Horace are bringing their debut show to Edinburgh. The sibling sketch duo invite you to another one of their bizarre family weddings. Jack and Anna Harris (former Durham Revue and Bristol Revunions) introduce you to the relatives in an hour chock-full of…