Preview: Mogwai and Mark Cousins

This article is from 2016

Mogwai and Mark Cousins

Mogwai / credit: Brian Sweeney

Two of Scotland's biggest creative forces band together for live performance of documentary film

For the premiere live performances of the new documentary film Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise, it's fair to say that two of Scotland's most significant creative forces have been brought together. The film itself was directed by the Edinburgh-based critic, writer and filmmaker Mark Cousins, whose past credits include the epic, 15-hour The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011) and his homage to his home city I Am Belfast (2015). Older readers may also recall him as the host of BBC2's cult film strand Moviedrome in the 1990s.

The soundtrack to the film, meanwhile, has been specially composed by Glasgow group Mogwai, who probably need no introduction to readers of this magazine. After a two-decade career as composers of highly emotive guitar rock music with a recent bent towards electronics, they were the perfect choice to score the film, which they will do here live. Note that these will be the first live score performances of Atomic in the UK and the only ones in Scotland this year, offering audiences the opportunity to experience Cousins' well-researched piece about the filmed history of nuclear energy, for good and bad, as it's meant to be seen and heard.

Playhouse, 27 & 28 Aug, 9pm, £20–£30.

Mogwai & Mark Cousins

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Scottish experimentalists Mogwai provide a live soundtrack to a backdrop of footage from the nuclear age assembled by filmmaker Mark Cousins.