At the Fringe # 3 | A dramaturgical guide to the galaxy

This article is from 2016

At the Fringe # 3 | Insert title

Expensive Shit / credit: Sally Jubb

Award winning writer and director Adura Onashile chats about her play Expensive Shit, and Alex Kelly from Third Angel gets metaphysical

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For the third episode of At The Fringe, host Gareth K Vile invites Alex Kelly down from Summerhall to talk about 600 People and his disappointment at the thought of no alien life, and Adura Onashile, who has recently won a Fringe First for her Traverse play, Expensive Shit. Also joining Gareth in the studio is Alan Miller; the DJ and wise man from Glasgow offers his top tips for the Fringe.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Alex Kelly (Company: Third Angel) for 600 People.
00:11:48 – Music from Godspeed You! Black Emperor
00:13:20 – Alan Miller (DJ Hush) recommends: Penny Arcade: Longing Lasts Longer, Red, Denton and Me, Break Yourself, Lady Rizo: Multiplied, Christeene: Trigger and Often Onstage.
00:21:02 – Music from Godspeed You! Black Emperor
00:21:30 – Adura Onashile (Expensive Shit)

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At the Fringe is co-created by Gareth K Vile (host) and Annie Kolemen (producer). Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Equipment supplied by Subcity Radio.

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Expensive Shit

  • 3 stars

Experience the story of a Nigerian nightclub toilet attendant, working in the toilets of a fictional club based on the Shimmy Club in Glasgow. Ages 16+.

600 People

  • 4 stars

Third Angel 'We step out of our solar system, into the universe, seeking only peace and friendship…' So says the message from the human race on the Voyager spacecraft. But is there, y'know, anybody out there? Alex talked to an astrophysicist to find out. This is what he learned: Stellar wobble. The mirror test. Fermi’s…