Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary

Charming and filthy idiot on showbiz tales and brief notoriety

In a charming – yet occasionally quite filthy – hour describing the downs and ups of her past six years, Bethany Black has plenty of clever lines that elicit marked ripples of diffused laughter, timed according to just how clued-into LGBT issues the audience is.

It's a tale of drink and other drugs, heartbreak and bankruptcy (almost, apparently being that broke is too expensive) followed by sobriety, love and minor screen stardom. It could have been milked for pathos but she has no time for self-pity or redemption, happily describing herself at any opportunity as an idiot. This is exemplified by 'getting her priorities right' over a broken leg.

There's a little segment about her brief, accidental press notoriety in a spat with Germaine Greer, prompted by her obsessive compulsion to always say exactly the wrong thing, and she'll probably dine out for the rest of her life over her experience on the set of Doctor Who. It's all very personable, good-natured and well-rehearsed, and builds to a quiet yet politically strong conclusion, even if it's not particularly ground-breaking. And you'll never look at a Pringles tube or a Jack Russell in the same way again.

The Stand 2, until 28 Aug (not 15), 6pm, £9 (£8).

Bethany Black: (Extra)Ordinary

  • 3 stars

Lee Martin for Gag Reflex Bethany Black is an idiot. She had two years where her life exploded; she got dumped by her fiancée and then things really went downhill; death, illness and a fractured leg followed. Broken and on the verge of giving up, something extraordinary happened. She got cast in a starring role in Russell…