Pete Firman: TriX (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Pete Firman: TriX

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Pulling off the seemingly impossible trick of being a magician who is actually funny

For his tenth Edinburgh Fringe, Pete Firman has assembled a cracking set of magic tricks. They're not all entirely original but even the more familiar routines have been embellished and improved, every last one carried off with ingenuity and wit.

Peppering his rapid-fire delivery with gags, bon mots and a shameless sprinkling of double entendres, Firman has more comedy material than many dedicated Fringe comedians and when it comes to enlisting help (and for TriX he needs a small army of willing volunteers) he is masterful at corralling his assistants. Even though he subjects them all to varying degrees of ribbing, everyone seems to be having fun and most of the audience seem eager to join in and offer their services.

Remarkably, Firman can respond to any given situation with a brilliant off-the-cuff remark while simultaneously carrying out breathtaking sleight of hand. And that's not lost on tonight's crowd who reward him with a standing ovation. Most comedy magicians tend to focus on magic at the expense of comedy: Pete Firman's greatest trick is that he's outstanding at both.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 28 Aug, 8pm, £11.50–£15 (£10–£13.50).

Pete Firman

  • 4 stars

Entertainment from the comedian and magician, star of BBC 1's Magicians, bringing together weird tricks and a cocky performance.