Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show

Heartwarming improvised show from potty-mouthed puppets

Adorable puppets with potty mouths; what more could you want from a comedy show? In the case of Glitch, the added bonus of a completely new, improvised story each performance adds a sense of uncertainty and excitement to an already creative concept.

Using Bunraku style puppetry, the Glitch crew control the movements of their colourful puppets with great precision, taking notice of each individual gesture and motion with expertise. Asking the audience for the title of the tale to be improvised at the start of each show, they put the fate of the story in the hands of those in attendance. And though today's show, 'Gwendoline Backflip and the Hopeful Bacon', seems totally impossible to conclude in a manner that makes sense, they somehow manage, with great energy along the way.

Though successful overall, there are times when certain sections feel unnecessarily drawn out. But the way in which each puppet is given a unique personality and memorable characteristics limits these lulls, allowing for the story to remain engaging. It may be improvised, but Glitch is heartwarming, thanks in part to the puppets and the musical accompaniment to their animated adventures.

TheSpace @ Surgeons Hall, until 20 Aug (not 14), 4.05pm, £8 (£6).

Glitch – The Improvised Puppet Show

  • 3 stars

Glitch Improv An improvised comedy show performed by a cast of puppets for adults. Using table top Bunraku style puppetry, Glitch improvise a brand new adventurous, action-packed and often emotional story from scratch at every performance. ‘Incredible, amazingly creative and fun. There were people in the front row…