Chris Davis: Chinchilla Coats (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Chris Davis: Chinchilla Coats

A surreal-ish hour which sidesteps topicality in favour of meandering topics

Ever wondered how many chinchillas it would take to make a coat? Animal-lover Chris Davis is ready to tell you. The American comic opens with an explanation that he's prepared a series of flashcard jokes alongside his routine, to be selected from a pile and read out when the mood takes him. The sizeable stack looks like it'll see him through the entire festival without fear of repetition.

Davis meanders through a series of topics, covering sleeping with pillows, the delights of day-drinking and the mood-boosting power of burgers all in the same laid-back style of a guy that enjoys a beer and doesn't take life too seriously. The subjects haven't been shoehorned into an overarching theme and there are some surreal, almost trippy moments here, though several returning motifs help tie the hour together.

Trump and Brexit are left unmentioned in a chilled-out affair that muses light-heartedly over the everyday. When discussing nicknames, he relishes the succinct answer given to him by a homeless man named Spider when asked why he was called that: 'because'. A similar philosophy seems likely as his explanation for why he's created a show about chinchillas: just because.

Laughing Horse @ the Cellar Monkey, until 28 Aug, 7.30pm, free.

Chris Davis: Chinchilla Coats

  • 3 stars

Chris Davis Chinchilla Coats is a world premiere debut stand-up show by Edinburgh Fringe veteran Chris Davis. Covering such topics as the true cost of a chinchilla coat to depression, dysfunctional relationships, spooning with pillows and day drinking alone, Chris Davis illuminates the turmoil of life with dry observation…