Scott Gibson: Life After Death (4 stars)

Valuable lessons and sweary humour from a rising Scottish star


This article is from 2016.

Scott Gibson: Life After Death

credit: Jo Donaldson

A big, gallus Glaswegian, Scott Gibson demonstrates why 'men's first aid' can need a wee bit of back-up from the NHS where sudden headaches are concerned, especially ones that make you go blind. From his description of a proper stag do in Blackpool and the greatest hotel ever created for heavy drinkers, through some inappropriately performed shaving to a disastrous shower with nurses, he delivers constant big and hard laughs.

He's unapologetically sweary, but no more than most blokes down the pub, which is what he resembles: a born raconteur who can hold your attention for an hour without flagging. Gibson knows his material so well that even a phone ringing in the front row was quickly worked into the routine without malice. He has a swaggering confidence that's not overbearing, but suggests he's now exactly where he wants to be (although he does deserve a much bigger venue).

Life After Death is definitely not for the squeamish, with one moment in particular (involving a matron and a pillow) that is swift yet chillingly clinical and grotesque. And there's a valuable lesson about always asking the right questions when a consultant visits your bed.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 29 Aug, 2.45pm, £9–£10.

This article is from 2016.

Scott Gibson: Life After Death

  • 4 stars

Debut solo show from Gibson who has supported folks like Frankie Boyle, Des Clarke and Gary Little. He's been gigging since 2010 and this show tells all about how it all began.


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