At the Fringe # 2 | Do strippers dream of techno glitter penguins?

This article is from 2016

At the Fringe # 2 | Do strippers dream of techno glitter penguins?

Nicole Henriksen, Makin it Rain

Comedian Nicole Henriksen joins us in the studio to talk about her play Makin it Rain, with music from Elyssa Vulpes

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In episode two of At The Fringe, host Gareth K Vile talks to comedian, writer and actress Nicole Henriksen, who has two much buzzed about shows in Edinburgh (Makin it Rain and Techno Glitter Penguins), musician and performer Elyssa Vulpes discusses Front Line: Be a Soldier of Love!, and theatre critic Alex Eades shares a quick round up of shows worth catching.

Show notes
00:00:32 – Nicole Henriksen (Makin it Rain, Techno Glitter Penguins)
00:11:57 – Music from Front Line
00:12:59 – Alex Eades' 5 things to see (Be Prepared, A Man Standing, Making Monsters, The Elephant Man, Trumpageddon)
00:18:01 – Music from Front Line
00:20:30 – Elyssa Vulpes and Mahayana Landowne (Front Line)

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Front Line – Be a Soldier of Love!

One-woman musical telling the story of a refugee from the Bosnian war, trying to make a new life for herself in Scotland.

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