How to Be a Rock Star (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

How to Be a Rock Star

High-energy dance workout with life lessons and instructions on power poses

Australian comedian Tessa Waters has clearly been backstage snorting lines of sugar before her rock masterclass for children kicks off. She's outside the tent giving high fives as the crowd files in, then kneeling to bond with two-year-olds as they complain about the traffic on the way here.

Her interactive show is a 50-minute opportunity for shy children to show off and hyper ones to burn off surplus energy, as she dishes out instructions on how to do power poses, create a signature dance move or perfect a freeze-frame vogue face.

Parents and carers (or 'security' as she's calling them) can get involved or gaze down lovingly from their seats, depending on their energy levels, but the majority of the crowd can't resist the draw of Phil Collins, Queen and Corona that she's blasting out, and fill the dancefloor.

Her body positive message is subtle, fun and welcome, as is her advice for young fans on how to deal with embarrassing situations. She clicks fast with the children, dishing out encouragement to the aspiring rockers as they practice fierce faces. 'A couple of teeth missing, I love it.' Describing Coldplay and Radiohead as 'rock' is maybe open to debate, but that's hair-splitting in an otherwise infectiously fun show.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 29 Aug (not 17), 3.15pm, £8–£6.

How to be a Rock Star

  • 3 stars

Dead Man Winner Best Comedy Weekly Award 2015 Adelaide Fringe. Release your inner rock legend with air guitar, power poses and signature dance moves! A hilarious, high energy show about body positivity and feeling like a rock star by multi award-winning Australian Comedian Tessa Waters. Tessa is a Gaulier-trained dynamo…