Preview: Edinburgh Metal Party 2016

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Edinburgh Metal Party 2016


Japanese metallers Crossfaith headline with Hacktivist, Certain Death and Dead Lies

Edinburgh in August is overflowing with music these days, but there's one genre that's overlooked. Edinburgh Metal Party are back to stand up and represent the heaviest riffs on the Fringe. An 11-hour celebration of hard rock, starting with a gig from 6–11pm, followed by comedy, DJs and music until 5am, this year's lineup features djent / metal / hip hop hybrid Hacktivist; thrashers Certain Death (featuring members and ex-members of the Exploited, Black Bomb-A and the Real McKenzies) and melodic hardcore from Dead Lies.

Taking the headline slot are 'five ninjas mashing up metal and electronic sounds with high energy': aka Crossfaith, a Japanese five-piece fusing metal and hardcore electronics. They started as a nu metal tribute act covering tracks by Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and Linkin Park before piling on the beats and developing their own distinct sound. 'We always share music when we're hanging out,' explains bassist Hiroki Ikegawa, 'so we listen to [everything from] jazz to psychedelic, rock to hip hop, and so many others.' Lead programmer Terufumi Tamano was a huge fan of the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Underworld. 'So that was really natural that he tried his synth sounds over Kazu's [Kazuki Takemura] heavy guitar riffs, and we loved it.'

Famed for their insanely high-intensity live shows, Crossfaith are breaking down barriers with a uniquely Japanese take on metal. 'We began as an opening act for western bands [touring] Japan … but now we bring those bands to Japan as support bands. We're inviting Enter Shikari and Beartooth for [our] Across the Future tour next month.' Crossfaith are connecting with the British metal scene with high profile slots at Reading and Leeds before they hit Edinburgh. 'They just loved how we put the energy on the stage. It cross[es] the border of language.'

Studio 24, 29 Aug, 6pm, £17.50.

Edinburgh Metal Party

A heavy dose of metal at the Fringe headlined by the mighty Crossfaith with Hacktivist, Certain Death and Dead Lies.