Preview: King Creosote – 'We never rehearse, we only play live shows'

This article is from 2016

Preview: King Creosote

credit: Calum Gordon

Fringe regular brings his eight-piece band to Edinburgh for one night

'If it's shunky at the Fringe, it's cos it's my fault.' Kenny Anderson, aka indie folk heartbreaker King Creosote, has pulled together a band of pals for a show on 25 Aug. The eight-piece, featuring the musicians he worked with on upcoming album Astronaut Meets Appleman, will take up residence in the Queen's Hall– Anderson's regular Fringe shack-up.

'We never rehearse,' he says. 'We only play live shows. The songs I like with this band are the ones that don't have fixed arrangements and they just go off in the distance and play.' As such, even the songs from the new album have already wandered off in new directions. Anderson is open to improvisation; welcoming the band's sonic experimentation. 'I step out of it most of the time. I'm the worst musician in the band, so I tend to not ruin it for everybody.'

This self-deprecation is typical of Anderson, but undeserved. Last year's From Scotland with Love soundtrack ticked all the critical boxes and Anderson himself is a gentle juggernaut, always moving forwards, always working on some wee adventure. His Fringe show, he thinks, is a by-product of the lack of label support afforded to bands, meaning touring has changed, for him at least.

'People know they're going to get a show that never travels to their town. I do tour, but it's me on my own or me with one or two others. To see KC at the Fringe, I'm going to have my own band cos my band all live nearby. But to see KC in, say, Norwich, you're not going to get that eight-piece band.

'It'll be a brand new set of songs from the new record and quite light on the From Scotland with Love front. Between that and this record. I've actually put out a couple of sneaky little things on Fence, so there'll be songs from those too.'

The Queen's Hall, 25 Aug, 8pm, £20.

King Creosote

Eclectic indie folk musician, plaintive troubadour and founder of the esteemed Fence Records.