Stuart Goldsmith: Compared to What (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Stuart Goldsmith: Compared to What

Andre Pattenden

Talented gag writer laments his new lifestyle

It's standing room only for Stuart Goldsmith's mid-afternoon hour. With little preamble, the assured comic launches straight into a show about being less self-involved when the main subject is in fact himself. He's a confident commander of the stage, his open face and cheeky grin coaxing you very much onto his side in this animated take on Goldsmith vs the world.

Having recently moved to the countryside, he laments the loss of city living, celebrating certain elements that would usually be criticised. His skill lies in observational comedy and there's a fantastic routine about what we're all really getting up to when strangers entrust us with their Airbnbs. And he has some great examples of statements he's prepared, but never said, to gangs of teenagers and bikers.

As a new dad, he discusses the change in his responsibilities and provides a vivid impression of a baby on the boob, with household matters leading neatly into the standard reminder at free shows that they'd appreciate payment on your exit. It's a speech that's made across Edinburgh for the month and takes a talent like Goldsmith to write one of his best gags into this popular trope.

Liquid Room Annexe, until 28 Aug (not 15), 3.45pm, free.

Stuart Goldsmith: Compared to What

  • 4 stars

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