An Act of Godley: Janey Godley (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Janey Godley: An Act of Godley

A sweary and passionate hour which tackles her recent moment in the tabloid sun

Janey Godley recently went viral as the lady with the 'Trump is a cunt' poster being apprehended by a polis outside Trump Turnberry, and she has a lot to say about that day in her new show. There's more to the image than meets the eye: it's a tale of breaking away from the crowd, standing up to authority and being heckled by a group of fat, golfing American men. There's politics talk here, of course, but it's measured: Godley isn't about to tell a nation who they should vote for (even if Trump is still 'a cunt').

She pauses to wonder whether we're offended by her use of the word, as well as a joke about how being locked in a cellar by some mad man – with the occasional shag and Greggs' pastie – could be seen as a nice weekend break for a single mum with kids. But Godley also talks with fondness and humour about her dad, his accidental old-person political incorrectness, and that one time he had a stroke while on the phone to her while she was thousands of miles away in LA.

When she's making the case for Scottish women over 45 – forget ISIS, these premenopausal warriors ought to be feared the world over – her strength in shouty, strong humour comes to the fore. Janey Godley is Scottish comedy personified: sweary, passionate and really funny.

Laughing Horse @ Free Sisters, until 28 Aug, 7pm, free.

An Act of Godley: Janey Godley

  • 4 stars

Janey Godley This award-winning comedian has a comedy show and it is free at The Free Sisters. So come down and enjoy, you don't have to put cash in the bucket if you are skint. ‘The Glasgow Comedy Queen’ (List) ‘Compelling… ballsy… a breath of fresh air’ (Guardian) ‘The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain’ (Daily…