Ashley Storrie and Other Erotica (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Ashley Storrie and Other Erotica

credit: Martin Shields

A funny firecracker with a deeply personal hour

Ashley Storrie is a fearless performer. Her tales of sexual misadventure take in one-night stands, attempted groping and a lot of frank chat about body parts delivered with intensity and a lot of cussing in her Glasgow accent.

The self-penned erotica takes the form of two brief interludes: the first features an incident in which Storrie's reluctance to relinquish her childhood impinges upon her romantic life while the second takes as its subject a public figure who is a less than likely romantic lead. It would have been lovely to hear more of her hilariously unsexy sex stories.

Comparisons with her mother (comedian and Trump-botherer, Janey Godley) are inevitable but will not do any harm to Storrie's rising career. She's an example of the kind of feminism that doesn't announce its agenda but lives it. It's mindboggling that hearing a woman onstage talking about her bodily functions and admitting to enjoying sex can still seem startling.

Ashley Storrie's forthrightness is a tonic and should be mandatory viewing. Make sure you arrive early to gain an extra 15 minutes of material as this funny firecracker welcomes in the crowd.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, until 28 Aug, 5.15pm, free.

Ashley Storrie and Other Erotica

  • 4 stars

Ashley Storrie After a successful year Ashley Storrie returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with tales of sex, drugs and Star Trek. The giant perma-child of Scottish comedy is ready to bring the house down with self-penned erotica, stories of her dysfunctional family and her failed attempts at finding love. Often…