Sunil Patel: Juicer (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Sunil Patel: Juicer

Laid-back chat and impressive meta business from this former hip hop DJ

Week one of August was eventful for Sunil Patel; he appeared in Borderline, a new Channel 5 mockumentary series about ropey airport border control officers, and brought Juicer, his first solo show to the Fringe. Although he claims he's suffering from comedy fatigue after five years of doing stand-up, over-analysing gags until he no longer knows what's funny, and feeling like a porn addict craving newer, weirder kicks, his set seems fresh and free of kinks (it's smooth, but sticks to safe territory in this afternoon slot).

If he's jaded, he hides it well beneath silly, self-effacing stories about managing to mispronounce his own name or being worryingly good at lying – all the while wearing 'a face like a big baby' and 'a moustache like a Disney prince'. Patel used to be a hip hop DJ, which tickles him, as does the fact that this privately educated boy from genteel Bath who grew up near the Jane Austen Museum felt solidarity with black men in America.

His staring deadpan is unfaltering, his dabblings in meta-theatre go down well, and he likes dropping in dick jokes to offset the highbrow. By his own admission, his inner 15-year-old takes over too often, but the laid-back chitchat flows easily.

Laughing Horse @ the Cellar Monkey, until 28 Aug (not 15), 2.30pm, free.

Sunil Patel: Juicer

  • 3 stars

Sunil Patel Sunil Patel's (Time Out's One to Watch, BBC New Comedy Awards finalist, Chortle Best Newcomer nominee) debut show rolls into town. Is he funny? ‘Beautifully funny’, says the Evening Standard. Age category: 16+