Lewis Macleod is Not Himself (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Lewis Macleod is Not Himself

An impersonator extraordinaire gets it right when focusing on what he's good at

Stick with the first few minutes of this. After riding out some lame gags about sheep shagging, caber tossing and guffing, things take a definite upswing. Lewis Macleod is a voiceover actor with a very impressive knack for parroting celebrity voices. He can also mimic chainsaws and jet skis, a bit like that still amazing 90s YouTube clip of David Attenborough and a lyrebird (funnily enough, Macleod also does the dulcet tones of dream bedtime story-reader, Attenborough).

A star of Radio 4's Dead Ringers, Macleod has co-written this debut show with Kim Fuller, and the script is a good blend of rapid-fire opportunities for Macleod to show off his fantastic Walken, Pacino and Obama, plus some nicely tricksy scenes, such as the Mimics Anonymous meeting where one person in recovery can't stop copying other people in the group.

Elsewhere Liam Neeson has some strong words for a cold caller about PPI claims, Bobby De Niro adds a gruff edge to his portrayal of Little Red Riding Hood and a cartoonishly mealy-mouthed Bojo stands in for Macleod while our host continues perfecting his Sadiq Khan. Macleod's Kirsty Wark is a highlight, as are Trump's plans to reintroduce the waterboarding of Scottish witches.

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Lewis Macleod is Not Himself

  • 3 stars

MLA Talent and Lewis Macleod Present Comedy Impressionist and star of BBC Radio 4 series Lewis Macleod is Not Himself, Dead Ringers, ITV’s Newzoid and recently in Comic Strip Presents Red Top makes his Fringe debut with an hour of brilliant impressions, characters and stand-up. Co-written with Kim Fuller. Directed by Kate…