Aatif Nawaz: Aatificial Intelligence (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Aatif Nawaz: Aatificial Intelligence

A slight but enjoyable hour featuring chicken and bombs

Aatif Nawaz takes issue with the way Islam is portrayed in the media. Following on from last year's Muslims Do it Five Times a Day, in which he sought to demystify his religion by making it acceptable to joke about it, this year's show follows in the same vein.

Playing to a crowd of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, he strikes a good balance between in-jokes and over-explaining, making sure that his comedy is accessible to all. Adept at blending his political material with tales of a propensity to get into scrapes, a Nawaz punchline has an equal chance of referencing Nando's or suicide bombers. His decision to go there has the effect of nullifying any tension or uncertainty in the room before it can arise so that just by being his charming, cuddly self, he is a great ambassador for British Muslims.

Making frequent reference to audience members, and asking them to participate in one section, his high-energy performance style drives an hour that can feel a little slight at times. But it's enjoyable while it lasts and hopefully he will be around to expand his repertoire for next year.

Laughing Horse at the Newsroom, until 28 Aug, 8.45pm, free.

Aatif Nawaz: Aatificial Intelligence

  • 3 stars

Aatif Nawaz / Free Festival Aatif follows up his acclaimed Muslims Do it 5 Times a Day show with a loud and hilarious assault on irresponsible journalism. 'A man with big ambitions – this is brave, important comedy' (ThreeWeeks). 'Side-splittingly hilarious' (EdFringeReview.com). 'You will laugh until it hurts…