The Princes' Quest (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

The Princes' Quest

An LGBTQ twist on a Disney-like fairytale

The Princes' Quest is a modern-day fairytale, with Disney-like songs and an LGBTQ twist. Earnest and Freddie compete for Katie's affection at a party; meanwhile Katie looks for love and her friend Tinkerbelle fights off gender stereotypes.

Written and performed by Durham University students, the play includes a live band and five actors who dance and sing their way through the show. As the story progresses, Earnest and Freddie discover they have more love for each other than the object of their quest, while all the characters struggle with the existential doubts and uncertainties of post-university life.

The cast make smooth transitions, although the performances often lack real confidence and as a result bring little emotional power and contrast to the storyline. The choreography gives each performer a chance to explore their character but isn't always elegant – perhaps due to the physical limitations of a large group on a very small stage.

While the production is a bit uneven, the writing is promising – Earnest's final speech about Freddie is especially powerful – and allows for moments of good ensemble acting. Overall, The Princes' Quest is an entertaining take on a genre too often set in stone.

The Caley Bar, until 20 Aug, 7.20pm, £8.50--£9.50 (£6.50--£7.50).

The Princes’ Quest

  • 3 stars

Front Room Productions The classic musical fairy tale, or is it? A chance encounter makes Earnest reflect on how his fairy tale life began. Everyone is caught between reality and fantasy. The two princes are looking for love and the princess needs freeing from her metaphorical tower. Meanwhile Tinkerbelle wants her friend…