Lola and Jo: Away Day (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Lola and Jo: Away Day

Staffing a sketch show with awful people makes for solid comedy

Does anyone really like work away-days? Unless you happen to be good pals with absolutely everyone you share employment with, there seems very little to relish about the enforced jollity and corporate bonding. This is the nightmare which breathes life into Lola Stephenson and Jo Griffin's sketch show, set within the auspices of Magnus and Wellington Consultants with our pair playing dysfunctional hosts who have laid on this day-long catastrophe. These routines are essentially riffs on the vague ideas which emerge from the duo's less than professional compering duties and at times it's a little tricky keeping up with the rationale behind a sketch. Once you switch off that part of your head, there's plenty to admire about Lola and Jo's writing and performing: such as the hen-do that goes tragically wrong, the overly competitive life models seeking an artist's amorous attentions and the woefully inappropriate funeral directors.

On the downside, perhaps some thought needs to go into more creative ways of linking the sketches rather than simply having both performers disappear behind screens for a costume change, leaving us only to consider the eviscerating sound of thumping techno.

Henry's Cellar Bar, until 28 Aug (not 16), 3pm, free.

Away Day

  • 3 stars

Lola and Jo Put your out of office on, divert all calls to your PA Karen and come along to a character comedy show from duo Lola and Jo. Highly strung sketches of the mundane and surreal, chaotically and confusingly set on a staff away day. And if you'd rather not think about work, don't worry, this is just an excuse to…