Liam Withnail: True Defective (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Liam Withnail: True Defective

A perfectly fine trip though the dangers of booze

Getting and staying sober in the relentlessly sociable world of stand-up comedy can't be an easy trick to pull off. Still, if you went through hell on your journey to get dry, no doubt your amigos in the laughter game would put an arm round your shoulder and offer all the support needed to get you through to the other side? Of course that would be a wholly naïve belief, as Liam Withnail found when he decided he just had to quit the booze after one too many nights on the tiles. The mixed reaction (bordering from mildly sarcastic to downright hostile) on social media from his peers tells its own tale.

While the subject matter feels like the archetypal Fringe show, True Defective actually feels more like a stretched-out club set: there's no major revelation, no heart-breaking finale, no beautiful twist. It's essentially one humorous guy telling us about the scrapes he got into and why he thought it would be a pretty good idea to get clean. And here's some jokes and observations he's made along the way as well as recorded footage from actual drink-related events prior to things getting horribly out of control. This is a perfectly serviceable hour that will tell you little you didn't already know about the perils of alcohol.

Scottish Comedy Festival at the Beehive Inn, until 28 Aug (not 15), 5.25pm, free.

Liam Withnail: True Defective

  • 3 stars

Debut hour from Liam Withnail, detailing his journey to sobriety.