Elliot Steel: Netflix 'n' Steel (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

Elliot Steel: Netflix 'n' Steel

Son of Mark delivers a stridently apolitical show about not very much

As he freely admits himself, a critic rather rashly described Elliot Steel as 'the voice of his generation'. Up until two years ago, all he really cared about was 'wanking and Hollister', and now at the age of 19, his stand-up continues to be a celebration of the largely inconsequential. He admits to never picking up a book, while the knowledge he might take from watching documentaries on Netflix are most likely lost in a drugged-up fug.

When social not-niceties land in front of Steel, such as the racist remark which left him cutting short a date (though not before swiping her drink), his noble plan backfires. Possibly as a conscious contrast to his dad Mark, he couldn't be any less interested in politics and the walk to his nearest voting booth is just too much for a 'lazy slacker' like him.

Steel has a rough-diamond charm and initially seems at ease with his material, but that confidence slightly unravels when the laughs he's expecting don't arrive. But there's more than enough here to suggest that Elliot Steel will have better days and years ahead. Whether he'll be saying anything particularly significant remains to be seen.

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Elliot Steel: Netflix 'n' Steel

  • 3 stars

Off The Kerb Productions A reviewer once labelled Elliot 'the voice of his generation', is this true? Let's find out. Debut hour from rising stand-up star. As seen on Comedy Central at the Comedy Store. 'One to watch' (Independent). May contain strong language.Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You…