Water on Mars (5 stars)

This article is from 2016

Water on Mars

Super-jugglers Plastic Boom make a kaleidoscopic splash in this riotously fabulous show

The combination of the myriad wacky and wonderful props lining the stage and the gormless rainbow piñata donkey at its centre pretty much gives you advance notice of the tone of this juggling show, performed by Plastic Boom – Patrik Elmnert, Tony Pezzo and Wes Peden – and presented by Gandini Juggling.

It's taken as a given that if the Gandinis have got behind it, the juggling is going to be impeccable (it is), but the Gandini mischief and horseplay is also present, if amped up to garish, street-style levels by three coltish circus maestros.

From the opening – a spectacular firework display of neon teardrops and stained glass kaleidoscopes – to the epic fugue of tiny white leather balls that marks the centre of the show, to the seamless way they shift either implement or juggler mid-throw, the choreography is exhilarating.

But as virtuosic as the skills are, it's the swagger and the chaos that make this show so riotously fabulous. Hoops are hurled, skittles are sellotaped together and by the end you believe they could pull anything out of their little leopard print bag and juggle with it – and they do. There's a superstar quality to these three: catch them while you can in a small venue, because when they come back they'll likely be in one three times the size.

Assembly Roxy, until 14 Aug, 5.30pm, £12–£14 (£10–£12).

Water on Mars

  • 5 stars

Gandini Juggling Gandini presents virtuoso juggling gone wild. From the Fringe-storming producers of 4x4 and Smashed comes a diabolical playground experiment. Take three monstrously skilful young jugglers, six hands and thousands of catches. Add chocolate flies and backflips, giant card castles and magnetic jump-ropes.