Tiff Stevenson – 'I'll tell you what the sound is gentlemen: it's a woman with authority'

This article is from 2016

Tiff Stevenson –- 'I'll tell you what the sound is Gentleman: it's a woman with authority'

credit: Steve Ullathorne

English stand-up drops some post-Brexit truth bombs on the establishment

Seems like the Brexit was not just about Britain exiting the EU it was also the moment when all the prominent male politicians from both sides seemed to flee the scene. The power vacuum was immediately filled not from the old-boy network as you would expect, but by a line of senior women. Teresa May, Amber Rudd, Liz Truss and others. Don't get me wrong, I love to see women in positions of power, but you can't help thinking the men have made an almighty mess and said: 'Okay you ladies clear this up.'

I tried to be excited that two women were competing to be prime minister. But they were both Conservatives, and I felt let down by the fact they are both, as I describe them in my new show, absolute womb-bothers. Leadsom with her "when you have kids you'll understand" mumsnet-politics and Theresa May who has a history of campaigning to restrict women's reproductive rights.

So now the Prime Minister is a woman, but she isn't 'my woman', or my kind of woman. But she is the type of woman that will thrive in the current political climate. Like Hilary Clinton, she has taken the hits and had to make difficult decisions. No woman could make it to high office without that happening.

When Hilary accepted her nomination, women connected with it, they liked what she was saying. They thought it was a great speech. Male commentators hated it. She was criticised for her vocal pitch and tone. Not even the content or meaning of the speech. Almost as if it WASN'T THE VOICE OF A MAN!

They were saying: 'What is that horrible sound? It makes me uncomfortable?' I'll tell you what the sound is gentlemen: it's a woman with authority. Yes, I'm happy to see a woman in the White House. That doesn't mean I'll blindly support everything she does, but I will judge her on her policies and track record, not the sound of her voice. And no Grazia, she doesn't need to 'up her fashion game'. Her password game on the other hand…

Media: If you continue to make coverage of female politicians about their fashion choices, then I expect, in the interest of balance, to see features Cameron's post referendum body, and BoJo's winter fashion updates.

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