In Fidelity (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

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Fun, moving show about love from Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond wastes no time in setting up the game show-like atmosphere of his new show, In Fidelity, a charming look at love that's a sort of 15th anniversary present to his wife. Hanging somewhere between First Dates and Two Tribes, he whittles down game audience members to one couple, who have their 'first date' on stage. As he encourages them to get to know each other, he also tells the story of his own relationship and gets the crowd to chip in with their advice too.

Drummond's work is always exciting, sitting at the intersection of theatre, comedy and cabaret. His last Fringe show at the Traverse, Bullet Catch – in which he convinced a different audience member to fire a bullet into his mouth every night – was thrilling, and his effortless command of audience interaction is a joy to be part of. Still, for the first 10 minutes of In Fidelity, I hated it – I felt awkward and unsettled, and had no idea where it was going.

But isn't that what a first date is like? You want to run away until (hopefully) the other person convinces you that it's worth sticking around. And Drummond does: In Fidelity evolves into a lovely show, and the audience has as much to do with that as its creator. When one audience member says his definition of love is 'looking after each other', for instance, it triggers a chorus of sighs and moist eyes. It's moving stuff, and unashamedly sentimental – a fitting tribute to love, and all its lows and highs.

Traverse, until 28 Aug (not 15, 22), times vary, £18.50 (£13.50).

In Fidelity

  • 4 stars

HighTide in association with Traverse Theatre Company The new exciting theatre experience from the creator of Bullet Catch and Quiz Show. 2016 marks Rob and Lucy's 15th anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to create a show about love? For research, Rob underwent an MRI scan. His ventromedial prefrontal cortex…