Attrape Moi (4 stars)

This article is from 2016

Attrape Moi

Attrape Moi / credit: Alexandre Galliez

Family-friendly circus skills, magnificent trampolining and impressive aerial dance from Quebec

Flip Fabrique is an impressive Quebecois circus troupe, artfully flinging themselves and one another across the stage in an adrenalin-injected hour of acrobatics and dance.

Building human towers, dancing in sleeping bags and incorporating medicine balls, beatboxing, human sound effects, diabolos, hula hoops and glow-in-the-dark yoyos into their tight choreography, they propel one high energy routine into the next, accompanied by a thumping soundtrack, and the occasional calmer interlude of Sufjan Stevens or a solo cello.

Although some of the cartoony, clownish scenes might get a little too hyper and slapstick for some (the scenario is loosely based around a summer camping trip, where friends have a sleepover by a lake), the show is designed to be family friendly, building up to a staggering finale on a giant trampoline, where the dancers hurl themselves expetly onto scaffolding, synchronising their flying limbs as they catapult through gaps in a wall.

An aerial dance routine is also breathtaking, as a bare-torsoed dancer wraps himself up and down a rope, effortlessly hanging a female dancer around his neck at one point, a bit like a perfectly elegant and precision-controlled throwback to the Diet Coke break. Magnificent moments of very expert human showing off.

Assembly Hall, until 29 Aug (not 15, 22), 6pm, £15–£16 (£13–£14).

Attrape Moi

  • 4 stars

Flip Fabrique Attrape Moi (Catch me!) twirling twelve hoops, dancing with diabolos, and soaring through the air – all in a day's play for Flip FabriQue, the new face of Quebec circus. High flying, fearless and fun, these young artist-athletes astound audiences with adrenaline pumping feats of cutting edge nouveau cirque…