Amir Khoshsokhan: Shhhhhh (3 stars)

This article is from 2016

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credit: Sun Lee

A surreal-ish and lacklustre hour with something for not quite everyone

The term 'anti-comedy' has been used to describe the patently non-mainstream appeal of such diverse acts as Paul Foot, Ed Aczel, Neil Hamburger and Eddie Pepitone. But judging by the permanently awkward and occasionally static Fringe debut of Londonder Amir Khoshsokhan, this stand-up sub-sub-genre might have a brand new poster boy.

With a quivering voice shot through with the power to almost make time stand still, he gingerly takes to the floor of a truly odd Fringe performance space which merges the whispered intimacy of a pub gig with the echoey distance of an arena show, given how far away the act is from the majority of his audience.

Khoshsokhan overcomes any fears that Shhhhh is inevitably ill-fated from the off to hush his crowd into a silence that he almost replicates on his stage. After recreating a repetitive and tedious argument between himself and his girlfriend, the buttoned-up comic stares down familial objections about the lyrics of Tupac Shakur to suggest that the late rapper's published musings are equally as relatable to real human existence as Barry Manilow's 'Copacabana'. Very nearly putting the dead into deadpan, Amir Khoshsokhan will have an appeal among those seeking something a little more lacklustre in their Fringe comedy.

Laughing Horse at Dropkick Murphys, until 28 Aug, 9pm, free.

Amir Khoshsokhan – Shhhhhh

  • 3 stars

The Invisible Dot Ltd So You Think You're Funny finalist, BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Time Out's One to Watch, Independent's One to Watch and The Piccadilly Comedy Club's New Comedian winner, Amir Khoshsokhan does some stand-up comedy for you. 'An act that mixed the clever with the accessible… he got funnier and…