Theatre preview: Stop the Train (The Musical)

This article is from 2016

Theatre preview: Stop the Train (The Musical)

Uplifting musical with West End ambitions explores what it would take to bring commuters together

Inspired by a bizarre and threatening incident on a commuter train, Stop the Train is a musical by songwriters Rich Guard and Phil Rice. 'This incident planted the seed', says Guard, 'what would it take to bring such a group of people together, to discuss their hopes, dreams and similarities with their fellow commuters?'

Coming from a background of popular music songwriting, the show's creators want it to be an uplifting and life-affirming experience, 'to bring slices of fantasy alive through music: comedic, fun, sexual, emotional, camp, all in the name of raising the mood of an audience.'

While many shows will see their very first audience at the Fringe, the audience has been integral to the creation of this musical. 'From day one, we would get some form of audience to witness each scene we tried. We'd take their feedback, insults and encouragements, listen to our guts, then move forward. We were told early on that "musicals are never written, they are rewritten". Now we feel we have something that Edinburgh audiences are going to love.'

Beyond the Fringe, the musical has ambitions to reach the West End and documentary filmmaker Chris Swann has been charting their progress, so keep an eye out for filming in Edinburgh.

Paradise in Augustines, 15–28 Aug (not 21), 3.40pm, £14 (£12).

Stop the Train (The Musical)

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