Preview: Taiwan Season – 'Their work indicates the radical social, political and cultural changes in Taiwan'

This article is from 2016

Interview: Jih Wen Yeh – 'Their work indicates the radical social, political and cultural changes in Taiwan'

Taiwan Season: NuShu

Taiwan Season 2016 brings three very different dance works to the Fringe, each echoing a different aspect of life.

A woman in her 40s looking at female identity, and two young men exploring rituals and the pressures of modern life – this year's Taiwan Season offers a rich insight into the country's past, present and future through dance.

In NuShu, Hui-Chen Tan of Water Reflection Dance Ensemble, looks at how women have been perceived in ancient and modern times, from youth to old age. In The Sacrifice of Roaring, young choreographer Hsu Chen Wei has been inspired by his parents' funeral business to examine traditions, gods and rituals from the past, while Lost in Grey, by Chang Chung-An of Resident Island Dance Theatre, shows how young people in Taiwan are dealing with modernisation, and how recent violent incidents are directly linked to mental health issues.

'The three choreographers in the Taiwan Season are a reflection of different generations of dance training, education and lifestyle,' explains executive producer, Jih Wen Yeh. 'Each of them is exploring the most meaningful and relevant subject for them. And because of their varied ages and backgrounds, these artists can indicate some of the radical social, political and cultural changes that have occurred in Taiwan over a period of time. Which, when communicated through body language, can have a universal resonance.'

NuShu and Lost in Grey, Dance Base, 225 5525, 5–28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), 3pm (NuShu) and 5.15pm (Lost in Grey), £13 (£10). The Sacrifice of Roaring, ZOO, 7–29 Aug (not 8, 15, 22), 6.30pm, £10 (£8). Previews 5 & 6 Aug, £5.

Taiwan Season: NuShu

  • 4 stars

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Taiwan Season: Lost in Grey

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