Preview: Nicole Henriksen is Makin' It Rain

This article is from 2016

Preview: Nicole Henriksen is Makin' It Rain

Less glitter and more intimacy, as Nicole Henriksen moves from laughter to honesty

While her comedy show, Techno Glitter Penguins, is a DayGlo romp, Makin' It Rain unflinchingly discusses Nicole Henriksen's other job. 'I was working as a stripper to fund my comedy shows,' she says. 'So I thought, maybe I should write a show about my experiences, but also use the platform of intrigue about the sex industry to discuss issues of gender, sexuality, and self-image within society.'

A veteran of the stand-up circuit, Henriksen decided that the subject deserved a theatrical treatment. Striptease has become a hot topic at the Fringe – the mixture of sex and money appears irresistible – but Makin' It Rain sits in the tradition of storytelling.

'My main strategy is to create a relaxed feel to the show, to have the audience feel I'm an old friend sharing stories, rather than a performer on a stage. And really, I am sharing stories and reliving them as I go.'

Since the Scottish Parliament recently considered a bill that would limit the licensing of strip clubs, while explicitly allowing theatre to include nudity, Makin' It Rain is timely. However, the audience reactions have been more personal: 'it has ranged from whoops, cheers, and applause breaks, to couples holding hands and quietly wiping away tears, so my main aim is to have people connect with the show and take something away. Whichever form that takes, I'm very happy.'

Underbelly, Cowgate, 6–28 Aug (not 16), 5.50pm, £10–11 (£9--£10). Previews 4 & 5 Aug, £6.

Nicole Henriksen is Makin it Rain

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