Preview: Rhythm Machine

This article is from 2016

Rhythm Machine

A cosmic journey into hazy disco and synth-heavy sounds

Come the height of August, you'll be fed up to the back teeth of earnest flyerers, tourists tripping over their own feet and bumping into Stewart Lee on the Royal Mile. The festival edition of Rhythm Machine, part of Summerhall's Nothing Ever Happens Here series, is your chance to escape from the teeming crowds of the Fringe and find proof that Edinburgh – despite the drinks prices, medieval history and day-tripping literati – can put on a pretty good club night.

Resident DJs Mr Miyamoto and DJ Yves are the conquistadors of boogie. Presiding over a weird, wonderful evening of conceptual performance and dancing in the Dissection Hall, their aim is to guide fellow revellers through the thick undergrowth of the disco jungle. This month, they'll be joined on the decks by Cleoslaptra, Ruaidhri McGhee and 12th Isle's Fergus Clark. They each seem to take as much inspiration from JG Ballard's The Drowned World as they do from Andy Warhol's fabled Factory openings, so expect a hazy disco atmosphere and a lot of synths.

Rhythm Machine take pride in transforming this spooky venue into the Sleeping City, their dry ice-bound realm of heady soundscapes and visual art. And if you're not in the mood for a cosmic journey into the audio dreamworld of deep time, then at least there'll be something to look at other than Pokémon Go.

Summerhall, 12, 20 & 27 Aug, 11pm, £5.

Rhythm Machine

A night of genre-spanning tunes, new wave music and performance art.