Preview: Future Perfect – 'Having a 10-year-old with us definitely grounds the show'

This article is from 2016

Interview: Small Stories – 'Having a 10-year-old with us definitely grounds the show'

A young boy heads back in time to undo a wrong in Future Perfect

We all make mistakes, but what if you could travel back in time and undo them – would it make a difference?

That's what one young boy tries to discover in Future Perfect, the new show from Small Stories – the development wing of much-loved children's theatre company, Tall Stories.

Unlike their other shows, such as The Snail and the Whale (also at this year's Fringe), where children are played by adults, Future Perfect's Fringe run will be performed by Tall Stories co-director Toby Mitchell and his young son, Dominic.

'Having a 10-year-old with us definitely grounds the show,' says director, Olivia Jacobs, 'and the natural rapport between father and son shines through everything they do. There have already been more than a few deviations from the script during rehearsals, and I imagine there'll be a few more at each show, but that's what will make it feel fresh and live.'

The show is billed as an 'interactive time travelling adventure' for ages 8–12 and their grown-ups, but Jacobs assures us the interaction doesn't involve time in the spotlight.

'No one has to get up and embarrass themselves,' she says, 'But every audience member will have their own decisions to make during the show. There's no right or wrong path, it's just about making decisions that might help you make your future perfect.'

Pleasance Courtyard, 4–14 Aug (not 10), 2pm, £6–£7.

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Future Perfect

Small Stories Is there a moment from your past that you'd like to change? Dominic's certainly got one. Travel backwards and forwards in time with Dominic as he frantically tries to fix things. Can he change the past and make his future perfect? A comical interactive adventure for kids aged 8-12 and their grown-ups.