Preview: Bang! to the Heart – a hip hop love story from Italy

This article is from 2016

Preview: Bang! to the Heart – a hip hop love story from Italy

Two worlds collide in this homage to street art culture from Nue Dance Company

When Luca Lisci, artistic director of Milan's Nue Dance Company, describes their style as a 'mash-up of street dance and contemporary', he's not just talking about the choreography. Everything about their new show, Bang! to the Heart embodies the world of hip hop, viewed through the lens of a dance theatre company.

'This show is an homage to street art culture,' says Lisci. 'All the video imagery is pure street style: stencils, spray art, graffiti. We've been inspired by the giants of contemporary street art like Banksy and Shepard Fairey – and I met Blek le Rat, considered to be the godfather of street art, to understand the meaning of this style, which was so illuminating for the show's art direction.'

As the name suggests, Bang! to the Heart packs an emotional punch, depicting a modern day love affair with shades of Romeo and Juliet.

'On one side of the story we have what you belong to: a community, a group, a family, a culture,' says Lisci. 'And on the other side, there's love. What if love made you choose between the deepest emotions you've ever felt, and the things that define you as a person? So it's really a story of conflict.'

ZOO Southside, 6–28 Aug (not 10, 15, 22), 10.20pm, £12–£14 (£10–£12). Preview 5 Aug, £10.

Bang! To the Heart

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