Big Fat Bribe blog: somebody posted us a latex vagina and a packet of maoam

This article is from 2016

Big Fat Bribe blog: somebody posted us a latex vagina and a packet of maoam

And our biggest concern was how to correctly spell maoam

Remember last time we wrote a Big Fat Bribe blog, when somebody sent us an actual piece of lead and a bit of rhubarb and we didn't know what to do with ourselves? Well, it turns out, those were halcyon days. That wasn't a weird bit of post at all. In fact, we didn't know how good we had it. If only we could go back in time and tell ourselves not to fret too soon, for in the very near future somebody will send us a signed and framed picture of an actress, alongside a selection of maoam sweets and, wait for it, a latex vagina.

Maybe it's a good thing, actually. We can't tell you how many times we've been sat, chewing on a strawberry sweet, staring at Judy (yes, the actress in the picture has a name you monsters), whilst thinking: there's definitely something missing from this tableau, and that something is an anatomically-correct latex imprint of some genitals.

Judy and the wee rudey* came from Formanu Creative, who have a brand new show at the Fringe this year called In Utero. This piece of new writing explores ideas of unconditional love and self sacrifice. It follows Jenni and David, who planned to have the perfect family, but things take an unexpected turn somewhere along the way. See it at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall at 3.10pm.

*It's not really rudey, but you knew that. Vaginas are natural, wonderful things, so everyone just relax and have a lemon-flavoured maoam. We just wanted to rhyme, OK?

In Utero

Jenni and David were planning the perfect family, but after some unexpected news, things begin to take a drastic change. Drama questioning the ideals of unconditional love and self-sacrifice.