Preview: Etherwave – Adventures with the Theremin

This article is from 2016

Preview: Etherwave – Adventures with the Theremin

Electronic artist Hypnotique proves there's more to the theremin than science fiction and horror music

Combining multimedia performance, storytelling and a varied selection of styles, electronic musician and performer Hypnotique returns to the Fringe in her first solo show to take audiences on a journey through the history of the world's earliest commercial electronic instrument.

'Etherwave: Adventures with the Theremin is all about the adventures of the amazing people who created and kept alive the legacy of the theremin,' Hypnotique says. 'But it's also about my world travels and adventures which have taken me from a hammock infested with poisonous spiders in the Amazon to a close encounter with another toxic life form, Simon Cowell.'

An instrument that has significantly influenced popular music, from Kraftwerk to Brian Eno, the theremin is much more than initially meets the eye, which Hypnotique hopes to demonstrate.

'Not only does it look and sound cool and strange, but it's also capable of performing a whole lot more than just woo-woo horror soundtracks and old Russian classical music. In the show, there will be ether-powered video link-ups with some of the world's leading thereminists to show how diverse theremin music can be.'

A show that hopes to enlighten as well as entertain, Etherwave will leave audiences with a newfound appreciation of the theremin and an uncanny desire to learn more.

Sweet Grassmarket, 4–14 Aug, 2.30pm, £9 (£7.50).

Etherwave: Adventures with the Theremin

Hypnotique Notorious performer Hypnotique tells her personal story about the world’s first electronic instrument (from 1920s Russia) and its influence on music today – including Led Zeppelin, Kraftwerk and Portishead. In this multimedia talk and music performance, expect tall tales of KGB espionage, spooky soundtracks and…