Preview: The African Dream Musical

This article is from 2016

Preview: The African Dream Musical

Musical exploration of young South Africans born after the end of apartheid

The African Dream Musical is a powerful story of post-apartheid South Africa, which follows the coming of age of the country's first generation of young South Africans 'born free' at the end of apartheid in 1994. It investigates the hopes and struggles of the born frees by posing a vital question: has the new constitutional dispensation really lived up to everyone's expectations?

With 12 actors, singers and dancers, along with a five-piece band, the musical epitomises the feelings of many young black South Africans who are presently demanding change and whose anger cannot be overlooked. As cast member Hloni Taolana explains: 'It's important because in 1994, when we obtained our democracy under Mr Nelson Mandela, we became a rainbow nation, "united in diversity". However, we forgot to look at the socio-economic development and economic emancipation of the previously disadvantaged.'

The African Dream Musical explores the first 22 years of democracy through music and dance, using the emotion and melancholy of song to highlight the challenges faced by the born frees.

'We believe the world can still learn from us and how we are currently dealing with our issues.' Hloni says. 'We hope the audience take with them the idea that solutions faced by any generation can be solved through dialogue, but also by using the arts as a medium to tell stories and to make a better world.'

C south, 4–29 Aug, 3pm, £13.50–£15.50 (£9.50–11.50).

The African Dream Musical

Viltainment (South Africa) South African sensations return. A story of modern South Africa, its people and aspirations. ‘These singers know how to dazzle and excite their audience. Pitch perfect songs in a variety of tones and paces unfold, each as pleasing as the previous.’ (