Interview: Nick Cope – 'It’s not all about poo'

This article is from 2016

Interview: Nick Cope – ‘It’s not all about poo’

Singer/songwriter lets us rummage around inside his popular Family Songbook

'It's not just for children,' says singer Nick Cope of Family Songbook, explaining that his show is intended to live up to its name by appealing to a wide range of different ages. 'It's for grown-ups, too.'

The show's repertoire of songs, all written and performed by Cope himself, is aimed at parents and children alike. Subjects cover various elements of family life, from changing nappies to the impact of losing a relative.

'It's not all about poo,' promises Cope, perhaps aware he has become widely known for his catchy song 'The Baby's Done a Poo'. 'Nana's Noodles', for example, is a very different type of song, encapsulating the love a family feels for their lost grandmother.

Cope has obviously struck a chord with his audiences, since his fans have begun wearing glasses borrowed from their parents in an attempt to look like the singer/songwriter himself. Many kids also make ukuleles out of cardboard, in tribute to Cope's instrument of choice.

In his live shows, Cope tries to steer clear of the children's entertainer stereotype. 'I hate that idea of the big shoes and a flower in your hat,' he says. Instead, a mildly ironic take on the happenings of family life are more his thing.

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