Louis CK the highlight of three American stand-up superstars coming to Edinburgh

This article is from 2016

Louis CK comes to Edinburgh

Dragging along a global reputation and huge comedy talent with him

So, you wait ages for some of the biggest names in comedy to appear on your doorstep and then what happens? Yep, three of them arrive in the very same month. Sandwiched between Bill Burr’s four gigs in the Pleasance Grand (8 & 9 Aug) and Amy Schumer’s gracing of the Playhouse (30 Aug) comes the return to Scotland of Louis CK.

When he last performed here in 2008, he was already big enough to sell out two shows in one of the Pleasance Courtyard’s biggest rooms (a very healthy number of US comics who were in town that month were especially keen to see their master at work), but in 2016 his reputation is off the scale.

Of course his CV is swelling with movies (from The Invention of Lying to The Secret Life of Pets), he has five series of his lauded sitcom Louie under his belt, while he launched web series Horace and Pete at the start of the year in which he stars alongside Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco and Alan Alda. And CK will merrily show up on chat show or comedy podcasts to discuss just about anything. But he knows, and we know, that up on the live stage, in front of a crowd which he will warmly bait from time to time, is where his art is at its strongest.

Louis CK, Edinburgh Playhouse, 0844 871 3014, 11 Aug, 7pm, £40.

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