Edinburgh Festival Fringe: bribe us, we're gagging for it

This article is from 2016

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: bribe us, we're gagging for it

The List's Big Fat Bribe blog is back – send us something in exchange for potential show coverage

Here at The List, we have our standards. We are serious, professional arts journalists, who cannot and will not be bought. Except at the Fringe, when actually, we can. We welcome it. Don't worry though, we're not morally bankrupt, and our bribing scheme is not intended to bankrupt you. It's all a bit of a jolly jape, really. A lark. A laugh. Something to help us pass the time in June and July, until the Fringe falls upon us in August and our lives are suddenly ruled by a bright pink programme with a picture of a leather-clad owl on it.

Allow us to explain. Every year, we run the Big Fat Bribe blog, in which we ask performers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to send us a bribe (read: tat, merch, ingeniously funny gifts). In exchange, your show might get a brief mention in one of our free festival guides, on our Big Fat Bribe Blog and on our social media channels. There are thousands of other shows at the Festival, so making yours stand out can be a bit tricky. In other words, a wee bit of potential extra coverage is no bad thing.

We like inventive, well-thought-out, funny bribes. Some of our favourites in the past have been a house made entirely of cheese, an afternoon being 'waited on' by Manuel from the Faulty Towers Dining Experience, and a c*nt colouring book (sorry we starred that out – we're already taking bribes, we can't go swearing too. We'll burst into flames or something).

We do have some standards, of course. No sexual favours or cold hard cash, please, and nothing dangerous, illegal or gross. If you can abide by these rules and like the sound of the blog, send your best effort, along with some information about your show to:

The Keeper of the Bribes
The List
Tweeddale Court
14 High Street

Salutations and thanks in advance.