Amy Howerska: Sasspot (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Amy Howerska: Sasspot

A lacklustre affair that’s not without its potential

Taking a pot-shot at your audience for not having a great time is generally the final act of a struggling comic. Leaving the stage to return in a mock-attempt at getting a hesitant crowd fired up from scratch is one tactic that a stand-up can adopt, or passive-aggressively needling your front-row is another. Amy Howerska plumps for both in an hour where too much time is spent wondering why something isn’t flying rather than actually trying to make it work.

All of which is a pity as she is an enjoyable comedian to be in the company of and she certainly has some stories to tell about her own family which appears packed to the gunnels with military, skydivers and (to put it mildly) eccentrics. These days, she only really has to encounter the bulk of them at wedding and funerals, occasions she can’t stand (though she does harbour a slight preference for funerals) and has to lie through her teeth in order to emerge largely unscathed.

Throughout the hour, there are tales of strip clubs, bullet-making machines and an ‘evil dwarf’, while Howerska chooses the finale to tell her funniest story: the time a pony fell on her. Sasspot may well have worked like a dream on other nights, but when things are going wrong for Howerska, it seems she can’t quite summon the magic to turn a humdrum gig around.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 30 Aug, 6.45pm, £10–£11 (£8–£9).

Amy Howerska: Sasspot

  • 2 stars

RBM Raised by a pack of trained killers and skydivers, rising comedy star Amy Howerska brings you her debut stand-up show (not sanctioned by the British government). Sasspot contains stories of death, skydivers and Swansea. 'Sharply observed' (Venue). Age category: 14+