Yve Blake: Lie Collector (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Yve Blake: Lie Collector

An ill-judged and flawed attempt at probing our internet selves

Not for the first time, this show was a Fringe event where part of the crowd (mainly in the front rows) were totally mad for it, while others (us at the back) couldn’t get away quick enough. The whole concept of Yve Blake’s Lie Collector feels false and flawed, with the internet being used as a cipher through which people admit horrible things they’ve done rather than being about the way the internet turns us into ghastly people (or in this case, blatant liars). A more potent example of what Blake appears to be attempting is encapsulated in the stories within Jon Ronson’s most recent book about the kind of public shaming which only social media can facilitate.

Right from the off, Blake admits she’s a musical comedian who can’t play an instrument (as though this is somehow to be applauded) and for what she lacks in talent, she more than makes up for in vibrant energy, hopping, leaping and mugging around her stage.

She regales us with the kind of thing people tell to their kids and the wild excuses people make up to have a day off work (it really is that original). Blake’s admission that she loves stock images on the internet chimes rather too perfectly with this lazy cut and paste attempt at a comedy show.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 5.20pm, £8–£10.50 (£7–£9.50).

Yve Blake: Lie Collector

  • 2 stars

Show And Tell with PBJ Management Yve Blake asks the internet 'What's the biggest lie you've ever told?' The answers become bold, spectacular musical comedy. And costumes. And dancebreaks. Prepare to hear about a faked pregnancy, to behold a gown made of pizza, and to be both dazzled and disturbed. Send a confession to…