Pan (4 stars)

This article is from 2015


A theatrical call for peace with drumming and dance

From the moment the masked dancers enter through the audience to the stunning, emotive finale, this show produced by the Korean Tourism Development Institute captivates and beguiles with its timely call for peace on earth.

This production fuses ritual, traditional and modern dance and storytelling to incredible effect. A wonderful ensemble seem to glide on silken gowns, whirling with fans and flowers – almost like extensions of their bodies – as they move through moods melancholic, loving and defiant. The parasol routine, visually ravishing with red and gold costumes, is as precise a piece of choreography as audiences are likely to see at the festival this year, rendered in perfect symmetry.

But it's through the powerful, floor-shaking drumming that the show really comes into its own. The female ensemble integrate flashing swords, bells attached to their feet and thunderous tribal drumming into the fiery choreography.

Manoeuvring eleven large drums on wheels, with one massive drum played solo in the centre, they shift positions as they play, never once breaking their stride. You almost see colour and hear sound in an entirely new way. As the angel of peace enters, dressed like a dove all in white, it is hard to not feel profoundly moved by this truly beautiful experience.

Assembly Hall, the Mound (0131 623 3030) Until 31 Aug (not 17, 24) £13 (£10)


  • 4 stars

KTDI | Korean Season presented by AtoBiz Ltd PAN is a Korean word meaning ‘festival’. Thrilling audiences with a fusion of modern and traditional drumming and dance, PAN excites your senses with its colourful exuberance and folksy sensibility. A passionate celebration of life, this spectacular dance-drama commands all…