Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein

credit: Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

An anarcho hip-hop extravaganza with masks and K-Pop aspirations

There’s a section in Bridget Christie’s new show when she paints Nigel Farage as an cunningly evil comic creation with an uncanny ability never to break out of character. In Danielle Ward’s vibrant hour she ascribes the same qualities to Robin Thicke, but takes the gag much further by performing a duet, with the controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ man present in malevolent mask form.

Ward has semi-transformed into Dani Frankenstein, skeleton-suit wearing wannabe pop idol and self-titled ‘masculine-feminist hip-hop sensation’. In terms of that genre, she classes herself as being at least in Nottingham’s top three. Insisting that this noon crowd dares to imagine that it’s closer to midnight, she promises to deliver ‘all the hip hops’ with her ‘sexy and dangerous’ ways (she proceeds to list a whole bunch of things that are both ‘sexy and dangerous’ increasing in absurdity as it goes along).

Aspiring to blast the K-Pop market wide open, she’s trying unsuccessfully to set up a Skype link to show off her talents to a number of influential industry figures. Ward hasn’t quite figured out how to make full comedic capital out of this idea and it rather fizzles out. Still, if ‘Don’t Put Your Dick in Me’ doesn’t become the anarcho hip-hop anti-rape anthem of the summer, there’s definitely no justice in the pop world.

Voodoo Rooms, 226 0000, until 30 Aug, 12.30pm, free.

Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein

  • 3 stars

Hip hop MC blending big beats and stand-up comedy.